Malawi, Africa
June 8-23

We’ve partnered with Operation SAVE to help meet the needs of communities in Malawi through shelter, agriculture, vocation, evangelism, and medical care to those in need, our team will share the love of God while conducting eyeglass clinics and medical clinics, visiting villages, hospitals, prisons, and schools. We will prepare and distribute various care packs and needed supplies, along with Bibles, salvation dolls, and bracelets.

Nicaragua, Central America
July 15-21

Our team will partner with New Life Nicaragua, a Christian non-profit organization founded in 2002 whose focus is to point all who are touched by this ministry to the love of God. From playing with children to building a home, there are many opportunities too serve.

Haiti, Caribbean
December 26-31

We’ll be working with Children’s Lifeline, an amazing ministry whose call from God is to provide solid Biblical teaching, food, clothing, medical supplies, facilities for educational assistance for the underprivileged children and their families in underdeveloped areas in HAITI and then assist them in developing the skills and resources to provide all these things for themselves. Our team will help with immediate ministries needs during our stay.

If you have any questions, please contact us at missions@leeparkchurch.org.

Malawi Update

We have nearly 200 pastors who have traveled from far and near, even from other African countries (Congo, Mozambique and Tanzania). There are three teachers: Pastor Geoffrey (Christian Apologetics), John Miller (Expository Preaching/Leviticus), and Charles (a local pastor teaching on the Great Commission). The pastors are loving the content and are learning a lot.